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kuchukuji's Journal
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Below are the 12 most recent journal entries recorded in kuchukuji's LiveJournal:

Saturday, December 9th, 2006
12:14 am
Aha, Sugar Rush.
 Ahhh. I've been out of comission for sooo long. Gawd. Not only did that dog do some serious damage here. (it is very hard to type with one hand) But finals beat me into a withering pile of lowered self esteem.

Yeah. But Kuji is back and you have nothing to fear! (Or...do you.)

Nah, I kid. I would never tell any of you ...things that I know. I must spare your virgin minds. (I still have faith in you all!..Not you Hiroki.)

Ahh, As for what happened, I'm sure Takuya informed you all...Right Takuya?..Takuya?
Anou...I've been in the hospital for some time cause of a little to do with a bulldog. (Who owns a bulldog in Tokyo!?;-; Ne? NANDE! )

Ahh, i've had too much Haagen Daas. >> Darn you and your almondy goodness! DARN IT!

Hai, i've been very very spoiled. XD Go me. Ever tried to eat ice cream one handed!? No! (For those of you that did. I feel compelled to ask you why but i fear the ramifications....)
Anywaaayy. I have missed my freinds so dearly. It's very boring in the medical ward without you guys. (But much safer, if you count the sharp things.)
Neee, Takuya and Rui will hurt me anyway for not telling them about the bulldog. o.o He was after Cato! I wont let him have my little Santa!

Ahh, story issss.
Cato got loose when Takuya and Ruito came over. (Not your fault guys!  I left the window open! No blameing yourself Ruito. Ahh Takuya don't hurt me.)
So we went out to find him in a park. And Takuya was trying to get him out of the tree. (I am afraid of heights...>3>;;;; )

And Takuya and ruito fell. And I got bitten by the dog. (I was trying to chase it away. And It chased me!)

Anou....>>; Thatssal. Dinner! XD

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Wednesday, October 18th, 2006
5:29 pm
The paaaaaaain~
Oh then agony of pop quizes. I hate pop quizes and my teacher springs them on me whenever he can, he's mean. I can just picture him in a evil sorcerer scene. Sometimes I'm sitting in class and I'm thinking. 'Why this dark aura all of the sudden?!' But of course it's only Toshi Sensei. ;x;  I think he enjoys seeing me struggle.

Mean old man.

Man again, I havn't posted in a week, sorry, I get so lazy. I apologize. I bought Cato a kitty toy! :D He's so cute. My next door neighbor, Ikari-kun, says I should be careful or I'll become that old man with all the cats. I was not amused. >>;;

I'm siiiick of Studying...><. I can't wait for winter break. Gaaaah   tests  aaaa...@-@;;;

I want a pumpkin latte so bad! ;-; I am so deprived of things. Between work and school. I barely get a moment to myself. NYaah...Sadness consumes me! ;o; The end of the rokkaku-myu. Ahh, I hate this feeling, of missing people.

It sucks.

Why must Yahoo be so demanding! Bad yahoo, baad.

Anyway, I got bored a while back so I thought I'd post a bunch of stuff about me. As this is my blog. And who knows. XD

Name: Kousuke Kujirai
Japanese Name: Kujirai Kousuke of course X3
Romanization: Kujirai Kousuke
Nicknames: Kujira-chan, Kuji
Fave foods: Haagen-Daas Ice cream. Cookies.
Least Fave:  Pestacio nuts.
Date of Birth: July 20th, 1987
Blood Type: B
Birthplace: Tokyo
Height: 175 cm (5'9")
Weight: 62 kg
Shoe Size: 26.5 cm
Hobbies: Listening to music, playing with Cato-chan.
Special Skills: Nihonbuyo

Ayahh~ And I ahve my own wee Album. READY? That's the title.

But other than that I guess there's not too much to say about me. Cept I'll be going to Hokkaido for Winter break. :3~ Kekeke.

Aahh I'm so tiirred. Auhg!  Izumi is horrible. He played an awful trick on me. Stalked me all the way to my house. >< I should have beat him up. o.o He is so mean. Why is everyone so mean? Meanies.

Mah, My freinds here a Lj arn't mean.x3 So I guess it's just my family and the people I hang out with.
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Saturday, October 14th, 2006
2:32 pm
Behold! The reurn of, nanana, Kujirai---desu~.
Oh,my,gawd. I return. Yes, please try to contain yourselves. Nobody cry. I'll probably vanish again.

My explanation? I was banished to the dark realm of nosveratue. They put me on nightshift. I havn't had the time to do anything. And since the end of of my term at Rokkaku-myu,  I've barel had time to breath! What witht he crash courses and all. I was so far behind in school, good lawd. Omg, so many new couples. Congrats to you all. But the feeling here is strange. Not everyone seems quite as happy as when I left.

I finally got my own laptop!  WIRELESS! Yatta! All those late nights at the mall have certainly paid off. Oh and it was wroth every penny. Ah my poor hands, they can't take anymore bleach.  (No not the anime. x3)

But as I said, life has been so hectic. What with my little sister catching pnumonia. We were all so worried, but she pulled through and is doing amazeingly well now. Such spirit, my little sis. Then Izumi, (my eldest brother) got married in july, so we were invited for a month of summer vacation out to his rural house. My sister in law Yayoi is so pretty.  Then again, aniki is very handsome, so it's no wonder.

Asuka (elder sister) has been thinking alot about marriage, but she says she wants to go to colledge and study to be a lawyer. She can be very persuasive when she wants to be.  Ah, so much prosperity in the air.I feel left behind. Haha, kidding.

I about a month ago I found this kitten, I found it in my clothing basket after a visit to the laundre-mat. Apprently it was just looking for warmth. I couldn't bring myself to leave it so, I kept it. I named him Cato. Like from the Pink Panther. Cause sometimes I'll be walking and he'll jumpout of nowhere and attack my feet. Not seriously, he just paws. But it's adorable, my little Cato.

Ne ne?Isn't he kawaii~? He loves my mat. Look at how he sleeps with his paws under his face. Ahhh so kawaii. Sometimes we'll eat haagen-daas together. It's his favorite too. But only a little, or else he'll get siiick.

In other news. I  suck as airplane video games. Not that I have alot of time to play them. Ahh. I wonder if anyone really missed me. I know I've missed you guys anyway.

Now for the baaad news. I cut my foot on a nail today and had to go to the hospital for a tetnis shot. D: I fainted on the nurse because of the needle. Obaa-san had to drive me home. ><; I can drive myself now but, not when i'm fainted. Asuka and Mimichi (little sis) thought it was helarious and laughed at me. But they stopped when Obaa-san said they'd get bad karma, Sugoi, Obaa-san.

Uweeeh. I don't like walking home at night. It's getting so scarey lately.

Current Mood: worried
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Tuesday, August 8th, 2006
10:32 pm
Rehearsals are  a bummer sometimes. They only ever film us acting like goofballs. But we work really really hard. I doubt I've commented on this before now, ne?

I got a new layout everyone. Dosn't it look spiffy? I havn't finished putting it all together yet. Which sucks, y'know?

I went shopping with momma and my sisters. I have two you know.  Most don't though. Cept for the casts. They know. I think some of them have met my littlest sister. it was kind of fun. Sometimes.

I got to go to the bookstore! yay me! i bought like four books. They were on sale two for one. So, of course I was on that like white on rice. Ka-san had an absolute fit over my hand. Yes, i did go to the hospital after I burnt it, I told her. But she insisted I go for a check up.

It dosn't hinder rehearals too much. I wont let it. I love what I do too much. Besides. Hanging out with the guys is TOO much fun. I had breakfast with Kuya-san! (Takuya). He was looking kind of hungover so i took him with me to the theatre before rehearsals. It was fun.

I feel sort of bad for mentioning anything about Kazuki. Takuya and Kazuki are mad at each other. or maybe Takuya is just mad at Katou. I'm so confused! Why is everyone so angry?

This morning I woke up and felt as if the world was falling down around me. And there's nothing I can do to help anyone. -sighs- I'm lucky though. Nothing other than a burnt hand, when everyone else seems to be haveing such a bad time lately. I'm worried. And confused. Katou is a freind, and takuya is too. I hate it when freinds fight...

But what can I say? Would Takuya think i'm a traitor cause i'm not mad at Kazuki. No. Takuya-kun is more level headed than that.  And Katou..i'm sure he knows I'M not mad at him.  Nah. I'm sure they both understand. And This had nothing to do with me, really. So why am I worrying.

Wah! These subjects depress me! On to happier news! Anyway, two of the books I got were fantasy, another was sci-fi, and another was horror/myster. I love books sooo much!  I'm reading Red Dragon right now. translated to japanese of course! And boy is it scarey!

Current Mood: Dust Bunnies. Ha.
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Sunday, August 6th, 2006
6:17 pm
Everyone said they liked the first showing of Rokkakumyu. I was excited,of course. I was glad when they came back stage. I had really wanted to see them.  I wonder where alot of people have gotten to though.

Like Katou-kun, why do I never see him around? He shwos up for the musicals of course, but other than that. Rui and I have this idea that maybe he has a secret girlfreind. If so then shame on you Katou-kun for not telling us!

And another thing, what's going on with this? Takuya is depressed, Katou has vanished.

Another person I havn't seen alot is Arayan.  I wonder where he's gotten to. Most of all I got this blog so I could talk to my freinds. But my closest freinds arn't even around. -sighs- Cept for Ruito and the Seigaku guys. (all cept Arayan. o.O Nande?)

Oh, and who is this first lady Araki spoke of?  -Is clueless- Ne, maybe Arayan has someone he likes eh? Does he have a girlfreind too? Aw, now I'm sad. -sulks-

But on to happier news. Tonight we're going to go give Tasaki-san his cookies and flowers, me, Ruito and Takuya-kun.  I calle ahead of time, so he thinks we're just comeing to visit. hehe, wha a surprise this'll be.

Ah, I cracked, I'm  a horrible person. Ruito made me promise not to tell Takuya something, and I did! he bribed me with a gallon of Haagen Daas. Cookie dough flavored. T-T.  All this secrecy is makeing my head spiiinn!

Current Mood: confused
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Saturday, August 5th, 2006
5:11 pm
Last night was so much fun. I got to bake cookies with Ruito and Takuya. However our fun was cut short last night because I burnt my hand on the inside of the oven. i burnt it bad enough that I had to take exedrin. Which knocked me out of course. i couldn't help with the rest of the cookies. but Takuya and Rui did bring me some cookie dough. ;3

So in the end all was well. I met Ruito's mom, Aoyagi-san, and his older sister Reiko-san. Apparently Reiko is a big fan of mine. I didn't know I really had fans.

I'm going to go buy the flowers today and maybe see a doctor.  But I think i'll be just fine. And Then I'll go back and get Ruito and Takuya and we'll go see Tasaki-san. :3 Plus I need to stop by the store and get Haagen Daas. I'm all out.

Eyah, my hand hurts so much. Maybe they'll have some of that cooling gel at the pharmacy. Blech, it rained. So now it'll be hot AND steamy. Not my favorite type of weather. All the mroe reason for ice cream! I wonder what kidn Rui and Takuya like.  I should pick them up some.

I think I ate more dough than I actualy baked though XD. Last night Takuya-kun left right after he got there. We were afraid. We thought he must be really depressed. but he came back. I'm still not sure...But he was very cheerfull at the sleepover. Ruito's room is neat.

I thinkwe should do it again but next time we should do it at my house. Then we can invite more people. I wonder if Ruito's mom would be okay with that.

Current Mood: Content.
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Friday, August 4th, 2006
1:12 am
It's been decided! Me and Rui are going to bake a bunch of cookies.  We'll be doing it at Ruito's. I'm so excited! Takuya-kun is helping too. I think he needs to socialize!~

Anyway,  we'll be makeing all sort sof cookies. And I'll buy some Roses and carnations, whtie and peach, for Teseki-san!  it was just going to be a simple gift, but, it turned out to be a grand little thing. Rui's mom said just me Takuya and Rui could do it.  Which is cool.
We're actualy haveing a sleep over.

Thuis is really going to be fun. Me, Takuya and Rui.  It's been a while since we hung out like this.

Takes alot of the pressure off of the whole treasureBox thing. -laughs- I'm pretty sure I did well. But after that Panisudo fiasco, who knows! Oh that was embaressing! i choked! I choooked!

Anyway I hope everything goes okay tommorow. I also hope we don't bother Tasaki tooo much. Ja ne!!~

We were thinking about enlisting Shirota, for backup, but Rui's mom said only the three of us.

Rui's mom said she'd arrange the flowers for me! She's such a cool lady. I live close to my grandmother, and last night she was makeing omelettes at midnight. I think i'm the least crazy person in my family.

Current Mood: Lost it.
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Thursday, August 3rd, 2006
10:17 pm
Alright! The first Musical rocked. We still got mixed reviews. but that's alright, we always do on the first run. I'm so releived it went as well as it did.

I was thinking and I never did mention it. Cept to Endo. When i first met Seto Kouji i called him a cat. I was so embaressed and i almost flipped out. I said. "Okayo-gozaimasu~ Neko-ch--!!"

Kouji-kun was so polite to me! he just laughed and said "Myow!~ Wow! Do i really look like a cat~?"

Now that I think back on it, it wasn't so bad. From then on things went smoothly. And have gone.  Some people were saying it wasn't as good as the others. but it's only our first run. Wish us luck!

I embaressed myself again today. I accidently freinded some poor random girl on LJ. I'm still getting the hang of it. She imed me on yahoo. She was a good sport about it. Annnyway! I finally have my own computer. Huzzah me. No more borrowing my Manager's laptop. He dosn't like it.

Besides, that's dangerous. he reads my mai! He's so mean! And Then he teases me. So I'm not borrowing his laptop anymore.  Thank god.
That's all for now.

Current Mood: Uhmmm...
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Wednesday, August 2nd, 2006
10:45 am
I woke up today with a headache. i'm not sure why but I just did. It's gone now.  Wow, I update alot. Mostly because i have nothing to do in the mornings. but my days are taken up so much lately. I can hardly breathe! XD

But other than that I'm a-Ok~  Practuce with the guys from Rokakku goes well! I'm haveing fun as usual.  No matter where I am or what peeformance I'm in.  I know i'll always be part of what I'm now dubbing  the Dream Team.

As for the Rokakku guys. I havn't spoken much about them now have I? I guess I should. they're fun to talk to.

Seto Kouji really does look like Eiji. (No offense meant to other Eijis >>;;)) His mouth turns up at the corners slightly. He's rather adorable.

I do sort of feel bad. I mean...I hope Tasaki-san is alright. (They guy who i am replaceing.) I wish he weren't sick. I know that means i'd have to step down, but. I don't know.  I can't help it. I feel bad for him and that i only took his spot because hewas SO sick.  Get better Tasaki-san!

Minami-kun looks alot different from Shirota. But that is to be expected. He's not half Spanish. He's alot more boyish looking! Yeah that's it.

The Hyotei crew are as deranged as ever. -smiles-  Which is good. cheers me up when I'm down. Once again: Glad you guys are there!

Sakurada is by far the most...uhm. Well he's not like Endo at all.  But he's still cool. 
Masei-san. What to say about him. Uhm. All i could think of him at first was "He isn't Araki."  I did that with alot of the cast members. But Arayan and the others will always be there for me.  And Masei-san is very nice and easy to get along with.

Takiguchi! He and Masei-san look alike. They really do. 'Cept Masei is paler by comparison. But he makes a really good Oishi.

Watanabe-san! Such a kind hearted person! I really enjoy working with him. Kawahara -chan is adorable. Which is of course, why he's Aoi.

Ah! Irei-san reminds me of Shirota! He has almost the same pout Shirota has. But Shirota's is better. And don't tell me you don't Shirota, i may be nice but I'm not blind.

Shindou is great. he's really cool to be around.  And IRE and Ikegami , they're so fun to work with.  I am makeing freinds. But slowly. -smiles- This is so much fun.

That's all for now!

update: yahg! I spilled orange juice all over my book! ;-; It's ruined.

Current Mood: Overjoyed.
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Tuesday, August 1st, 2006
9:46 pm
New update. Instead of Looking everywhere for my sn. It's symnalreaper, at yahoo. Shikigami02 at AIM. And I do not eyt have msn. Which sucks. But then again I can never get it to work.

My hand feels better now! So I can continue in my diligent work on the challenge art!

Current Mood: dorky
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5:20 pm
Ohh my arm hurts so much! I've been drawing something for Rune's challenge. Oh the pain. ;-;. But I'm getting over it. Cause I really like the idea I have. I wont tell anyone, because it's a secret!~
I'm really excited about doing Rokkaku. I'm really shocked! I wont be alone but, I'll miss the guys. It's just, not quite the same.

But Aiba will be there. At least there's one familiar face. I havn't really gotten to know anyone yet. I'm a little scared. But, I'm sure I'll make plenty of freinds.

Mah. Shirota is not happy. Something happened with Kou-chan. And he said Kou-chan was a mean drunk. I believe him. I hope they never get mad at me at least.

The last *Pnish Treasure Box was fun. Tuti is such a spazz. Moriyama is no different. I really like working with them!

Edit: Okay XD I forgot about my buddies. Hyotei! They're not around as much as we'd all like but, when they are they more than make up for it in enthusiasm. Rui, Kenken, and Adachi are enthusiastic enough for the whole cast!

I really need to get in touch with them and Seigaku more often. And not be such an outcast. So Manager says.
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Monday, July 31st, 2006
11:51 pm
Uhm, Hello and Welcome to my LiveJournal.  My name is Kujirai Kousuke.

I don't have alot to say, I suppose.  I've never really have a LJ, or blog, or anything like that. I did have a myspace once. But. I got so confused. And Kind of nervous and quit. I don't remember the name anymore.

But I wont be able to do that with this one. -sigh- I imagine it's only a matter of time before the others hunt me down and suck me into this crazy circle. But I don't mind truly. They're all great people. I don't get to see them as much as I would like. I guess that's partly on account of my being lazy.

Well I suppose this is the part where I put in some stuff about me. I've fallen in lvoe with the song "Here's to The Night" by Eve 6. I really like it. It has a good beat to it. I don't understand most of it. But I get a sad impression.

Perhaps I should get someone to teach me english. Shirota-kun knows Spanish. But the song isn't in spanish.  I don't want to bug Saitoh or anyone else. Auhg. I may have to buy a book.

Then maybe I could also translate  "Enjoy The Silence" by Lacuna Coil.
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